Brief History of William(8) Gichard and Hannah Best

Hannah was born on the 22nd of December 1853 and died in New Zealand In 1930 aged 76. As a young child Hannah lived in St Blazey close to where the Gichard family lived. Both families were very friendly and the story goes that William(8) Gichard invited one of his school friends into the Best's home to meet Hannah, and informed that person that he was going to marry her one day. William(8), his wife Hannah and their entire family, in varied stages of growth, are shown in the following photo

The GICHARD Family around 1875
The GICHARD Family around 1875

Left to right:

Back Row:
Emma, Mirriam, William(8), William(9)(George), William Kay

Middle Row:
Elizabeth, Hannah (nursing Thomas Arthur, Robert (Bert), Frances (Edward), Julia (nursing daughter Gladys), Joseph (Louis)

Front Row:
Louisa (Bea), Lillian

The history of William(8) starts in Cornwall. When he was quite young he was taken to a boarding school at Myddfai, in South Wales where be showed his ability as a scholar. Later he was to put his teachings to good use. Having studied to be an engineer, he went to sea for long intervals, covering such areas as the Indies and Baltic Ports. He had a good knowledge of the English Channel.
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Fielding in 1876
A comprehensive views of Fielding, the Chief Settlement the Manchester block in 1876

During the 1800s many settlers came out from England to New Zealand to try and establish a new life and happiness. Some succeeded, others failed. Work was never hard to find for those willing to do it. Much of the history of this township vas lost during a disastrous fire destroying all records in the local municipal buildings. Fortunately the local library has taken on the task of location of as much data as possible, and are able to assist those researching their family backgrounds.
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Fielding today is a very prosperous township, and having the main trunk line pass through, has opened the area up to extensive farming. Nearby fielding, at Mount Stewart, a Memorial has been erected to the early settlers. Inside, on bronze plaques, are the names of all settlers coming in on the Manchester Block scheme, including those of the Gichards. From this site you get a panoramic view of the whole region, as it would have been viewed by the early settlers themselves. I have often stopped and gazed in silence the scene, and wondered how they felt in the 1800s.
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GICHARD William and BEST Hannah House (1)

21 Kaikokopu Rd
21 Kaikokopu Rd., Aramoho, WANGANUI
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Original House and Site Plan
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GICHARD William and Hannah with House Plan in Detail

Text on House Plan

Text above house plan and site plan
Original cost of house and Land £100 Sterling,
House built of pit sawn Kauri.
Pit sawn, was method of cut by Hand.
2 men 1 underneath and
Can't read text after "and"

on right hand side of page
21 Kaikokopu Rd
Site Plan 32' to 1"

House Map for 21 Kaikokopu Road Wanganui
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Text Below House and Site Map
All Additions outlined below written in pencil
No structure or Building Alterations
Plumbing Specifications =
- Bath -Single tub-Small Handbasin
- Toilet with low down Siphone cistern
- sink in Kitchen Living Room
- TO fix 3/8" Gib Board Both Sides of dividing walls to underside of iron Roof.
- To provide Adequate Cupboard space


Legal Description LOT 27 D.P.771
Present Valuation $45,120.00
Plumbing Value $300
Fire proofing value $150
Plumber D J Toohill

notes for notations on house plan (A) Non existent in my youth
(B) 2 bedrooms in my youth

21 Kaikokopu Road, Aramoto, Wanganui
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GICHARD William and Hannah Site Details (3)

21 Kaikokopu Rd, Aramoho
Site Map for: 21 Kaikokopu Rd, Aramoho, WANGANUI
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GICHARD William and Hannah Google Maps (4)

House map with house made into two flat
Picture 1: House map with house made into two flats
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Google map of 21
Picture 2: Google map of 21 (top house) and 21A (bottom house with red roof) Kaikokopu Road
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Location of 21 Kaikokopu Rd
Picture 3: Location of 21 Kaikokopu Rd Aramoho WANGANUI. This location plan matches Picture 4: below
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Google map about the same scale
Picture 4: Google map about the same scale as Picture 3: above
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