Patrick 50th Group

Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Front Row:
Ethel Patrick d. of JOHN, Hilda Scott d. of (Jessie) Janet, (sister of William), Heather Raper (in bonnet) d. of MARY, Hugh Fergusson (in black) s. of BARBARA, Raymond Raper s. of MARY, Stanley Fergusson s. of BARBARA, Ivy Patrick d. of ALEXANDER, Maurice Fergusson s. of BARBARA, Janet Patrick d. of ALEXANDER , Ray Fergusson s. of BARBARA, Norman Patrick s. of ALEXANDER, Gordon Patrick s. of ROBERT, Winton Patrick s. of JOHN, Millar Patrick s. of JOHN , Jean Pye d. of ELIZABETH, Roy Pye s. of ELIZABETH, Elsie Pye d. of ELIZABETH Robert Patrick s. of HUGH , Leslie Patrick s. of HUGH

Second Row:
Sarah Mulhern nee Scott d. of Janet, Margaurita Mulhern d. of Sarah Mulhern, Janet Scott nee Patrick d. of WILLIAM snr , Florence Patrick w. of JOHN, nursing Olive Patrick d. of JOHN, MARY Raper (5), BARBARA Fergusson (6), nursing Roy Fergusson s. of BARBARA, Mary Patrick w. of ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Patrick w. of WILLIAM jnr, Bruce Patrick s. of JOHN, WILLIAM PATRICK snr , Athol Fergusson s. of BARBARA, MARY PATRICK snr, MARGARET Locke (1), ELIZABETH Pye (4), Winne Pye d. of ELIZABETH, Annie Patrick w. of HUGH, Minnie Patrick w. of SAMUEL, nursing Thelma Patrick d. of SAMUEL, James Patrick s. of SAMUEL

Third Row:
Henry Scott h. of Janet (nee Patrick), JOHN Patrick (8) s. of WILLIAM snr, Frank Raper h of MARY, nursing Mavis Raper d. of MARY, Mabel Fergusson d. of BARBARA, Athol Fergusson snr. h of BARBARA, ALEXANDER Patrick (7), WILLIAM Patrick jnr.(2)

Back row:
GEORGE Patrick (14), Lily Scott d. of Janet Scott, Barbara Patrick d. of WILLIAM jnr., Sandy Frazer (no relation - boarded with William & Mary), William Pye jnr. s of ELIZABETH, John Pye s. of ELIZABETH, William Emerson Patrick s. of WILLIAM jnr, Silas Locke h of MARGARET, Robert Scott jnr. s of Janet Scott, William Pye snr., h of ELIZABETH, HUGH Patrick (9), SAMUEL Patrick (10) nursing Kenneth Patrick s. of SAMUEL

JANET Patrick (3) & JANE Patrick -deceased, (13) FREDERICK Patrick (14)

Photo kindly lent from A Patrick's collection